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SteriHero Podo 18 & Podo 18 S

Class B & S autoclaves
for podiatry

Product highlights

Your new superpower
in Podiatry

Powerful technologies, an intuitive Smart-Touch operating concept and the unique quality - made in Germany give you the superpower to change everything:

steriHero Beauty geschlossen

Top price-performance ratio for podiatry? Challenge accepted!

Not just one reason for SteriHero, but two: Price and performance! SteriHero offers podiatry practices ultra-modern autoclaves - 100% made in Germany - at attractive prices.

However, SteriHero not only protects your budget, but also the environment: The smart touch operating concept is full of convenient features for more fun at work and puts the heater and display into energy-saving mode between sterilization cycles.

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Space for everything: Except boredom!

All podiatry practices must sterilize: But how long is up to you! With sterilization cycles from 13 minutes, the powerful SteriHero Podo autoclaves offer speed through and through. And the flexibility you need all around.

With 5 trays and a maximum load of up to 5 kg of instruments, the 17-litre sterilization chamber offers sufficient space for your wrapped and unwrapped podological instruments. Now and in the future.


Every podiatry practice is unique: And every SteriHero Podo too!

Sterilization as individual as you are: Podiatry practices and facilities are characterized by a wide range of medical and non-medical treatments. To offer you the solution that best suits your needs, SteriHero Podo is available as a class B and S autoclave.

And it can be installed in a flash, regardless of location: This is because the stand-alone autoclaves with integrated water tanks have been specially developed for the diverse installation conditions in podiatry.

Are you looking for maximum heroic workflows? Then simply connect SteriHero Vet
to an automatic water treatment system MELAdem 40 or MELAdem 47 from MELAG with the aid of a connection set (art. no. ME09040).

The sterilization of complex hollow instruments requires a class B autoclave with a fractionated pre-vacuum process.

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  • Podiatry Autoclave Class B & S

    for use in podiatry and foot care

  • Full of super power

    with high loading capacities and short cycle times

  • User-friendliny documentation on the device

    with Smart-Touch display for intuitive operation

SteriHero Speed+

Looking for a smaller autoclave with just as much power?

The world's fastest compact autoclave enables sterilization between treatments from 6.5 minutes (plus drying) and takes up 60% less space. Discover the new powerhouse with a 5 litre sterilization chamber.

The hero in the fight against germs

Your heroic deed:
Protecting Patients!

Performance, quality and safety at the highest level for podiatry, veterinary medicine, cosmetic and tattoo studios - with SteriHero you have everything you need for a cost-efficient sterilization process.

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    Warsaw, Poland

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    podologia-melad (3 z 14)
    Policealna Warszawska Szkoła Medyczna

    "The use of MELAtherm, SteriHero Podo and Vacuklav 44 B+ makes training in our podiatry school more efficient and practical, taking into account the highest standards."

    A look under the mask

    Hero information about the SteriHero Podo.

    SteriHero Podo with a wide range of programmes guarantees safe sterilisation according to your needs. But that's not all: The pioneering stand-alone device concept and the Power Save energy-saving function make SteriHero Podo the cleanest solution - for your budget and the environment.


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    Unit dimension (W x H x D)

    47 x 50 x 64 cm

    Device fits on

    60 cm deep table top

    Chamber size

    Ø 25 cm x 35 cm long / 17 litres


    48 kg

    electrical and technical requirements

    Order no.


    Device type

    Stand-alone Class B (compatible with additional MELAdem water treatment)

    Power supply

    230 V / 50/60 Hz

    Power consumption

    2.100 Watts

    Loading capacity

    5 kg instruments / 1,8 kg textiles


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