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The fastest autoclaves in the world

NEW: SteriHero Speed+

Your new superpower: Available through our specialist retail partners from the end of August 2024

  • 60 % less space:

    than a conventional autoclave

  • 50 % less weight:

    than a conventional autoclave

  • 100 % plug & play installation concept:

    possible without a service technician or tools

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Your heroic deed: protecting patients.

Great for big challenges: As a compact class B autoclave with fractionated vacuum process and drying, this heroic powerhouse is always by your side! With a device width of just 30 cm and the intuitive plug & play installation concept, SteriHero Speed+ brings the sterilisation of wrapped and unwrapped instruments to where you need them:

Either as a supplement to your practice autoclave for super-fast sterilisation between treatments or as a stand-alone device for smaller volumes of instruments - saving you time, money and space in RKI-compliant reprocessing.

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More power. More flexibility. More WOW.

All practices and studios must sterilise: But you decide how long! With sterilisation cycles from 6.5 minutes (cycle time with empty chamber and optimum conditions (plus drying)), the fastest autoclave in the world offers speed through and through. And the flexibility to match. Thanks to the innovative flexDRY drying system, you can flexibly adapt the drying process to your load and workflow at intervals of 1 to 60 minutes.

But that's not all: with 2 trays and a maximum load of up to 2 kg of instruments, the 5-litre sterilisation chamber offers sufficient space for your wrapped and unwrapped instruments. Now and in the future.

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Not big. But great functions.

SteriHero Speed+ was developed by us in Berlin down to the smallest detail for maximum user-friendliness: With the incredibly advanced smart touch display, everything is magically simple, simply magical: from programme selection to documentation and environmental protection.

The intelligent process monitoring controls all critical sterilisation parameters and documents the results securely via USB, network or with MELAprint 80, giving you peace of mind and traceable proof in the event of damage.

However, SteriHero Speed+ not only protects your patients, but also the environment: the Power Save technology puts the heater and display into energy-saving mode between sterilisation processes, saving a lot of energy and therefore money in everyday practice.

Made for heroes.

The SteriHero quality promise.

100 % Quality made in Germany. For the upcoming generations of hygiene superheroes around the world.

Technical data

Figures. Data. Facts.

Discover the unexpected and see the heroic technical data of SteriHero Speed+ for yourself.


0 - 0 min

Quick-Program S

0 - 0 min

Universal-Program B

0 - 0 min

Gentle-Program B

0 - 0 min

Prion-Program B

Cycle time plus drying: Optimum drying results are achieved at all times thanks to time-controlled drying.


Unit dimension (W x H x D)

30 x 30 x 59 cm

Unit weight

28 kg

electrical and technical requirements

Order no.


Device type


Power Supply

220 – 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz

Power consumption

2.100 Watts

Documentation interfaces

2 x USB, Ethernet

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Support & Contact

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